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What is the UDRP?

In its nature, the UDRP is quite a complicated document. It is commonly misinterpreted and it is usually unclear to the regular Internet user. That is why consulting an attorney familiar with the UDRP is practically a must whenever a trademark owner wants to file a UDRP complaint or whenever domain registrants face a UDRP complaint filed against them. Many people erroneously believe that they can handle such matters on their own, but please be advised that the UDRP, similar to most legal documents, can in many cases come out to be very tricky to the unqualified person.

In short the UDRP can be described as an administrative out-of-court process that can be used instead of filing a lawsuit. Under the UDRP trademark owners whose rights were infringed may seek transfer or cancellation of a domain name. Through the years, the UDRP has become well-accepted as a much faster and less expensive alternative to filing and pursuing a lawsuit.

Taking UDRP actions can cost as little as $1,500. The proceedings are usually resolved in a couple of months.

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