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About Website Copyright Notices

First of all, it is not mandatory that one uses a copyright notice on his/her web site. There are, however, some advantages in doing so. Even though a copyright notice is usually very simple, using one on your web site can become complicated.

How to file a valid DMCA complaint?

If you ever find that somebody is indecently using your copyrighted works on their web site(s), you shoud file a valid DMCA complaint. It is very important that your DMCA complaint contains all the necessary information and is also written in the proper form. Otherwise, the company you are sending your complaint to (usually the web hosting provider of the infringing web site) may not assist you and may even disregard your DMCA violation report.

Email “Spamming” and Email “Spoofing”

Within these days of massive communication via e-mail, it comes to be quite important for anyone to be familiar with the following two terms: email “spamming” and email “spoofing”.

  • Email spamming refers to sending email to thousands and thousands of users – similar to a chain letter. Spamming is often done deliberately to use network resources. Email spamming may be combined with email spoofing, so that it is very difficult to determine the actual originating email address of the sender. Some email systems, including our Microsoft Exchange, have the ability to block incoming mail from a specific address. However, because these individuals change their email addresses frequently, it is difficult to prevent some spam from reaching your email inbox.
  • Email spoofing refers to email that appears to have originated from one source when it was actually sent from another source. Individuals, who are sending “junk” email or “spam”, typically want the email to appear to be from an email address that may not exist. This way the email cannot be traced back to the originator.